Flying cars go hybrid, still don't actually exist

The closest thing to a flying car that we've realistically developed are various types of drivable planes that don't fit into our futuristic fantasies all that well. If this flying car concept ever gets produced it'll finally signal that the future has arrived, especially since it's an eco-friendly gas-electric hybrid.

This nameless concept comes from Michael Moshier and Robert Bulaga, a couple dudes who invented a one-man aircraft called SoloTrek a while back that looks kinda like a Martin Jetpack. They're building on this experience to attempt to create a hybrid multi-passenger VTOL flying car:

"Ever since the Jetsons, we've been promised that an air car is just around the corner," says Moshier, "but the technologies and knowledge necessary to build such a machine have not been available - until now! And it will be developed here in the USA!"


What were we talking about? Oh, right. A flying car. The idea sounds good and all, until you get to the status of the project: "the company is ready to begin development and testing of its hybrid, multi-passenger air car concept vehicle immediately once adequate funding has been secured." Uh oh.

I don't know how far you can realistically get nowadays with, "hey, I'm building a flying car, can I have some money?" And even if you get enough money to build an awesome prototype, there's no guarantee that it's going to get anywhere (either physically or metaphorically). Don't get me wrong, I'm all for this idea and I totally hope it happens, but after a decade or so of "where's my flying car" I think we've all earned the right to be a little bit pessimistic.

Press Release, via Gizmowatch

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