Redesigned airplane seats are made with storage in mind

One of the unpleasant side effects of the way airlines now charge for checked bags, is that everyone tries to stuff everything they own onto the overhead bin. Given this new reality, designer Michelle Murphy proposes that we completely rethink the way we store people and their baggage on a plane.

The Sky Lane seating system gets rid of the overhead bins completely, and uses the extra headroom to raise the seats up off the floor. This leaves an area under the seats where passengers can put their bags, without having to lift them up over their heads to stash them away.

Because the plane is a tube, you still need to keep the window seats down at the normal floor level, resulting in the unusual staggered height layout you see in the renderings. The seats are also thinner, and have a flip up bottom cushion kind of like a movie theater seat.

The resulting seats look a whole lot less comfortable than what we suffer with today, and good luck trying to stretch out across three seats to get some rest if the plane is less than full. For these reasons, Murphy says the Sky Lane setup will only be used on short haul flights. Yea, right.

Still, I suppose it could be worse.

NCAD ID 2011, via DesignBuzz

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