First coins with QR codes will start circulating next week

As pervasive as QR codes have become, one place we haven't seen it plastered on is currency. It's time to throw that thought out the window because in commemoration of the Royal Dutch Mint's 100th anniversary, silver and gold coins with a QR code will be produced.

So much for trying to kill currency with Square and NFC. Considered to be the world's first QR code coin, the Dutch coins will be available on June 22 and will come in silver (5€ ) and gold (10€) flavors. Any coin collectors drooling yet?

According to 2d code, the coins' QR code when scanned point to this website which will bring up a "surprise." No official word on what that surprise might be, but we do think embedding a QR code into a coin could lead to many educational uses such as linking to website bios of the people on the face of the coins or historical facts on monuments.

The Royal Dutch Mint's QR coins are definitely different from any other coin we've seen, but will people bother to scan them? We highly doubt it, seeing as we don't even like scanning QR codes on window display ads.

2d-code and The Rich Times, via LikeCool

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