Even more Transformers robots built from scrap metal

What's 19-foot tall, looks like it'll terrorize your neighborhood and completely Shia LaBeouf-free? This Optimus Prime Transformer made recycled car and truck parts. The smaller 8-foot tall Bumblebee isn't too shabby, either.

In what we can only say is a growing craze to turn junk metal into awesome robot sculptures, Thai-based artist Anchalee Saengtai constructed these massive Autobots (to be shown off at several Ripley Entertainement venues around the world) using "the simplest of tools" which could mean anything from gluing the metal together, cutting up metal with a saw or even using magic (we suspect she used the latter!).

Saengtai's robots are on display at Louis Tussaud's Waxworks in San Antonio, Texas and Ripley's Odditorium in San Francisco, California. If you're in either area, feel free to pop in for a gander and grab some snaps because we sure wish we could stand next to a gigantic Optimus.

Check out Saengtai standing next to the looming Prime in the gallery below — it's unbelievable.

Wired, via TrendHunter

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