Ecco is the pop-up camper for futuristic hippies

Any hippie worthy of the name has owned at least one VW camper van, but those vehicles are now getting pretty old. The Ecco camper concept updates the VW's style, turning it into a green machine for the future.

Designed by the folks at NAU who brought us that Immersive Cocoon theater, Ecco is an electric recreational vehicle, with a pop-up roof that's kind of like an enlarged version of roof on the classic VW camper van.

With seating and sleeping for four, the Ecco actually carries fewer hippies than its ancient predecessor, although it clearly does so with way more style. There's even a toilet tucked inside the pointy end, although it looks like the headroom would be tight.

With a plug-in electric drive system supplemented by rooftop solar panels, the Ecco should be a whole lot greener than the old VW too, just the thing to appeal to the hippies of the future as they head to the Woodstock 50th anniversary party.

NAU, via Gizmag

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