Deus Ex artfully revives the cyberpunk epic in this E3 trailer

It's been far too long since the last, good cyberpunk vision of the future along the lines of Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell. Deus Ex is bringing back all that dark, mechanized goodness in a world that's black, gold and gorgeous.

A week out from E3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is strutting its stuff showing off some of the plot, the oh-so-pretty world, combat and more. I have to say, as a huge fan of the first game I'm actually pretty excited for this one. The second one may have been something of a misstep (though, starved for more, I even kind of enjoyed that one), but this prequel is hitting all the right notes.

Check out the action right below. Oh, we also hunted down some concept art that helped spawn the awesome world you see in the trailer — hit up the gallery to see more.

Deus Ex, via G4, Voodoo Extreme and Concept Art World

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