Concept mouse lets you feel how bloated your porn folder is

Personally, I don't have a porn folder. I've never looked at porn. I don't even know what porn is. Some sort of snack food, I imagine. But from what I hear, people seem to keep a lot of pictures and video of it on their computers, and thanks to these new concepts, you'll be able to feel just exactly how heavy and bloated all those files are.

These DataBot concepts try to give all those ones and zeros that make up your life a little extra weight, both physically and metaphysically. The mouse incorporates a resistance wheel that makes it harder to move in proportion to the size of the file or folder that you're trying to drag around, while the hard drive expands and contracts depending on how much junk it's stuffed full of.

The obvious downside here is that you'll have to use one of those ancient mice with a physical trackball (ick), and that however cool these concepts are in principle, do any of us really want to be reminded of how much porn we have on our computers? And by we, I of course mean you, not me.

Here's a few videos of the DataBot hardware in action:

DataBot, via Engadget

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