Tiny homemade tilt-wing Osprey knockoff is not for wusses

When people make their own planes at home, they usually create something fairly conventional. Not Liu Chun Sheng of Jangshu province China, who decided he would make something that looks an awful lot like the trouble prone V-22 Osprey, with its dual tilt rotors.

Mr Liu admits that he's not an aeronautical engineer, so he designed his craft based on a concept drawing he saw in an aviation magazine. Built from scratch over the last three years, Liu's dream machine is now ready to go, and he has made several test flights near his home. So far he's only managed to lift it out of the water for a few seconds at a time, so a planned switch to larger rotors is in the works.

I'm just happy this thing only has room for one, so at least his friends will have a good excuse for turning down any offers of a ride.

MicGadget, via Gizmodo

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