Chinese guy builds hulking Iron Man Mark I suit

Before Tony Stark created the Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armor, the bigger, chunkier and decidedly less sleek Mark I was his pummeling suit. One Chinese guy, Wang Xiao Kang had to have his very own Mark I, so he did what any sensible obsessed fan would do: he made one from scratch.

Wang claims he has no prior DIY experience, but from the looks of it, his Iron Man Mark I suit is practically spot-on. Driven by nothing but passion, a whole lot of free time spent on Internet prop forums and an unbridled ambition, Wang's project started off in February as an attempt to build a Mark III prototype with Ethylene-vinyl acetate. However, due to his own sloppy "tailoring skills," the thickness of the helmet and clearly an insistence on perfection, Wang stopped work on the slimmer Iron Man suit and started work on the Mark I.

Weighing at 110 pounds with a working LED Arc Reactor as well as battery-powered fans, Wang's Iron Man Mark I is a monstrosity that begs to be worn for years to come at as many cosplay conventions as possible. Seriously, for only $460, Wang's incredible suit can rumble with even the most hardcore of costumes, like those Halo costumes.

And even though the Mark I suit is finished, Wang isn't. He's planning to return to building a picture-perfect replica of the Mark III. Somebody get this guy a Robert Downey Jr. autograph STAT — he deserves it, really.

Like so many DIY projects, the Iron Man Mark I looks even better in motion. Check out a video of Wang Xiao Kang and his amazing suit of armor here.

Wang Xiao Kang, via DannyChoo and M.I.C Gadget

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