China unveils 2,000-foot-tall, wind-hatin' skyscraper

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Wuhan Greenland Center might not reach as high into the sky like the Kingdom Tower or the Burj Khalifa, but when it's completed, it will be the world's fourth tallest building, third-tallest in China and ultra sustainable.

At 1,988 feet hight with 119 floors, the Wuhan Greenland Center's "tapered body, softly rounded corners and domed top" don't just make the entire structure look slim and sleek, special vents at the edges of its tripod-like "legs" help "reduce wind resistance and vortex action" that usually causes a building to sway.

As you can see in some of the close-up shots in the gallery below, the vents don't really take away from the tower's curved glass and domed top exterior.

So what else does a person do up in such a tall tower? Oh the usual stuff, like shuffling papers in its 200,000 square meters of office space, watching cable in its 50,000 square meters of condos and luxury apartments, retreating for a weekend in its five-star hotel and maybe running on the treadmill in its private gyms with panoramic views. It's just another day in the life of the rich.

When can you plan a visit to the Wuhan Greenland Center? I'm afraid it won't be ready for another five years. Construction is expected to begin this summer. But when it's ready, it should be a marvel to look up at.

Via AS + GG

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