'CAT' aquatic car makes us wish all our roads were waterways

It's not like today's seaside cities don't already employ gondolas and water taxis and what-have-you to get folks around, but designer Cal Craven is here with an aquatic vehicle that's just for you and me.

Imagine, if you will, a world where we're connected not by paved paths, but by waterways, and we drive around in personal boats instead of cars. Imagine, too, that Water World never existed, because that helps make this all cooler, to boot. (Who wants jerks on jet skis shooting harpoons through your water car?)

Craven sees his craft, the CAT (or "City Aquatic Transportation"), more as a rental from the sound of it, with folks who live in a urban setting by the seaside booking the craft to take out on the water. Once out there, it'd be easy to pilot, and has plenty of its real estate dominated by windows so that none of the four passengers inside miss out on the view. Really, though, we can't help but wish this is how we were commuting to work every day.

PS, I'm kidding, Water World. I love you.

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Cal Craven, via Yanko Design

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