Capacitive stylus turns your iPad into the ultimate notepad

The problem with some of us early adopters of the iPad who tried to sell our associates on using the device during meetings for note taking is that the touch screen interface made the proposition seem slow and somewhat unwieldy. Now a pair of inventors have created what may be the perfect solution, the Cosmonaut.

Using Kickstarter as a platform to raise funding for the device, Gerhardt and Dan Provost created the wide-grip capacitive stylus as a quicker, more precise way to use your iPad, from jotting down notes to creating elaborate illustrations. The duo only set out to raise $50,000, but ended up raising a whopping $134,000, indicating that the market is indeed ready for this product.

The team will sell the Cosmonaut for $25 here, and you can see the device in action in the video below.

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