Buy your plane tickets — NASA confirms Atlantis launch!

Here we go, folks! NASA has locked in July 8 as the date for the last launch of Atlantis, and indeed the last ride for the Space Shuttle program itself.

NASA has had July 8 as the fateful day for a while now, but it's always been tentative. To be fair, it still is a little tentative — NASA reserves the right to stall the launch for as long as it wants in the face of unforeseen complications, of course, but the agency is committed to making its first launch attempt on July 8.

Want to see a piece of history launch off into the great blue yonder? NASA has a handy list of places to watch the launch right here.

Space Shuttle Atlantis is set to embark on STS-135, which will be NASA's 166th manned spaceflight, the 33rd flight for Atlantis, and the third launch this year after Discovery and Endeavour.

Check the gallery down below to see NASA and the Atlantis crew preparing for STS-135. Also, see more DVICE galleries by clicking this link.

NASA, via PhysOrg

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