Breathalyzer watch tells you you're too drunk to drive

The watch fanatics over at Tokyoflash work around the clock (no pun intended) to come up with the most bizarre and strangest watches that'll leave your head spinning. TF Design Studio's latest watch doesn't just tell time, it's a breathalyzer as well. Yes, please!

How many times have you walked out of a bar or a club, tipsy beyond help, but were unsure if you were really drunk or just psychologically thrilled and thought you were drunk? It's okay, I admit my own failure to ID my levels of intoxications at times too. Well, if you had Tokyoflash's Kisai breathalzyer watch, you'd be able just blow into the watch and wait for it to measure your blood alcohol content levels.

Like all of the company's quirky watches, this Kisai concept watch has "futuristic" level indicators that "represent a range of feelings including increased talkativeness, disinhibition, over expression and impaired sensations." With a simple "unconscious" messaged flashing on the Kisai's LCD face, imagine how many lives could be saved from drunken driving.

To put it simply: the world needs breathalyzers in watches. You know what, slap them into everything, cellphones, necklaces, wristbands — everything. Yes, I think with breathalyzers in everything, the world would be instantly safer overnight.

Via Tokyo Flash Japan

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