BBC iPlayer lets you turn down on-court grunting from Wimbledon

If you love Wimbledon tennis, but can't stand the stand the loud grunting that now seems to be part of the game, the BBC understands your pain.

To solve this noisy problem they've added a feature called NetMix, that lets you adjust the audio of their online stream to your own personal preference. If you find the grunting distracting, you can set it so all you'll hear is the smooth comforting voices of the BBC commentators. On the other hand, if you find Sharapova's 105 decibel yelps to be some kind of kinky turn-on, NetMix will also let you turn off those pesky announcers, and listen to her in full voice.

This sounds like a brilliant advancement for the beleaguered sports fan; I just wish they had it back when the soccer World Cup was underway.

BBC iPlayer, via Engadget

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