Aussie concept train is faster than a juiced-up kangaroo

As much as I love Australia, it does kinda take up an entire continent, and getting around can be a bit of a chore. Native design firm Hassell has designed this conceptual high speed train to connect some of that upside-down vastness in a fast and eco-friendly way.

The A-HSV double-decker train, which probably doesn't stand for "a hella-swift velocity," was apparently inspired in part by the stying on the Australian HK Monaro coupe, although I can't for the life of me figure out how. In addition to a modern and spacious interior, the train also boasts private meeting rooms, dining rooms, and a convenience store. It sort of reminds me of this train, except not nearly as awesome, obviously.

Check out the concept video and drift off to its soothing tunes, and then peruse a few extra pics in the gallery below.

Hassell, via Yanko

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