Aston Martin iPhone app shows how feeble your own car is

Most car manufacturer iPhone apps are pretty lame, but Aston Martin's Experience app has a few cool features that make it worth checking out, even if you can't quite swing the $1.7 million asking price for a One-77 supercar.

In addition to the normal car app stuff like model browsing and engine sounds, the Aston Experience lets you mount the iPhone on your car's windscreen, and shoot video as you drive around. Sure, you could do this with any iPhone, but with the app it works like a head-up display, superimposing a speedo over the image as you fly down the road. This has the unfortunate side effect of making it much easier for the cops to bust you for speeding, once they find your video posted to YouTube.

There's also a telemetry mode, which uses the iPhone's accelerometers and gyroscope to calculate how many Gs your car can pull, along with your zero to 60-mile-an-hour acceleration. Unless you own something really quick, this will only point out how lame your car is compared to an actual Aston Martin.

Finally, there's a guide to some of the world's best driving roads, although most of them seem to be European street race circuits.

You can get most of these features in other apps, but they won't come packaged with some of that Aston Martin cachet. At $6, I also figure this must be the cheapest thing you can actually buy from Aston Martin.

iTunes store, via Autoblog

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