Anonymous says Lulzsec is safe, despite Scotland Yard arrest

It appears reports of Lulzsec's early demise may have been greatly exaggerated. Mere hours ago, it was believed that Scotland Yard's arrest of a 19-year-old in England might be the end to all the cyberhacks, but Anonymous says that Lulzsec is fine.

According to Anonymous' official Twitter:

"The good news everybody: Ryan has little to do with #LulzSec besides running IRC. All 6 members of @LulzSec are fine and safe." #AntiSec

So much for this week being a brighter week than last week's, when the hacker group managed to take down the CIA's website for hours.

But really, we didn't really believe that Lulzsec would stop its operations at the arrest of only one member, not after it had declared a partnership with Anonymous yesterday to "steal and leak and classified government information."

If the alleged kid named "Ryan" who was arrested by Scotland Yard really has no real play in Lulzsec's grand plans, then expect the hacks to continue. After all, if all six members of Lulzsec are are safe, then who has the last "lulz"? Not Scotland Yard and not the FBI, that's for sure.

ZDNET UK, via Gizmodo

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