An unexpected Google+ annoyance for non-members

Chomping at the bit to try out Google+ like the rest of the world? Well, hold your horses, tiger! Google+ is at capacity. It's full up! That won't stop Google+ from reminding you it exists, however, and inviting you to join. Y'know, so you can get rejected.

As you can imagine, I was excited to see a Google+ notification pop up in my inbox. Clicking into it, I saw that it wasn't a beta invite, but something someone I knew had posted on his page. That was my first big disappointment.

What's worse, viewing the post changes the big, inviting, red letters of the "Learn more about Google+" button into "Join Google+". Clicking on that button? Yeah, you guessed it — I was taken to the Google+ splash page, where I was again informed that the beta is at capacity.


Apparently, once inside the fabled halls of Google+, your Gmail contact list can — don't worry, folks still sore over Buzz — your contacts can act as a friends list of sorts. Makes sense. It's a good way for Google to get the word out there. It just sucks to be left standing at the gate.

Via Google+

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