All-in-one 'tailgaite monster' brings the party, belches flames

There're plenty of ways to warm up for a football game. Hanging out in the back of a pickup and drinking beer, for one. Or, hey, roll out a grill! Lance Greathouse? Well, lets just say what he likes to do includes all of that, as well as a powerful sound system, LCD displays and a fire-vomiting smokestack.

Here's the real kicker: Greathouse doesn't really care about football either way. He just likes to build stuff.

All right, let me take a deep breath before this one. His rig includes: a beer tap, fridge, retractable plasma screen, a fiery grill, a laptop with Internet access, 250-watt speakers hooked up to an MP3-player-driven sound system, remote-controlled ice chest that can zip around to offer beverages to onlookers, webcams to broadcast the party or the cooking, neon lights and — of course — "fire effects." It took him four months, $650 and a bunch of found parts to put it together and, as PopSci points out, this thing really is a 350-pound "tailgate monster."

As if that wasn't enough, a joystick (pictured in the gallery below) and parts from an electric wheelchair enable Greathouse to drive his rig around, and the whole thing can run off of battery power when there's no outlet to plug into.

Via PopSci

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