Airbus' plane of the future is a wild and crazy way to fly

Last year Airbus teased us with a couple of drawings of its concept plane for 2050, but now the company's added some tasty details of where it sees plane design headed in the future.

The plane will be split into three sections, but, unlike today's price structured class system, the future plane will be divided into a "Smart Tech" zone and a "Vitalizing" zone, separated by the "Interaction" zone.

That central interaction area is where you will board the plane and hand over your luggage, and during the flight the space can morph into anything from a golf driving range to a bar. The Smart Tech section in the rear of the plane will be where you can get work done or enjoy some video on the holographic screen, while in the Vitalizing room up front you can watch the world go by through the transparent fuselage while seated in a massage chair.

This all sounds like a wonderful dream, but will it ever become a reality? If you look back 40 years to the launch of the Boeing 747, air travel doesn't really seem like it's been made more glamorous at all, what with us all crammed in like sardines. Having said that, some airlines already offer some pretty fancy flying if you're willing to lay out serious cash.

Airbus Concept Plane, via Telegraph

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