A first look at Apple's new spaceship-like headquarters

Apple is growing, and fast. They've far outgrown their original campus in Cupertino, and have plans to build a gigantic new base of operations that'll fit over 12,000 people in one building.

Steve Jobs himself went to pitch the plans to the Cupertino City Council, and he brought along renderings of the building as it's planned now. Essentially, the building will be shaped like a gigantic donut/flying saucer, standing only four stories tall but taking up an immense amount of space. It'll have a huge parking garage underground, and a large percentage of the land they've bought will be converted to green space.

"It looks a little like a spaceship landed," Jobs himself admits. "But there it is."

It looks pretty badass to me. Of course, these things always change in the planning phases and it's probably a few years off, but it's neat to see Jobs himself pitching the building to the city.

Via Kottke

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