6 clever Fujitsu concepts that offer a glimpse of 2020's computing

Seriously, these Fujitsu concept computers are getting a bit out of hand. There are so many designs to love that it breaks our hearts when we have to remember none of them are real. Each design was drafted with the theme of "A Life with Future Computing" in mind.

We've rounded up the best designs from Fujitsu's Design Award 2011 Competition organized by DesignBoom here for you, so hurry on over and check out a glimpse of the future of mobile computing.

The words sexy and Fujitsu usually don't go hand-in-hand. I can't recall the last time I saw a Fujitsu gadget that made me excited, which is a damn shame because if the company was at least half-inspired by these beautiful concept designs, maybe its gadgets would be flying off shelves as fast as Apple's.

I guess another 10+ years of waiting can't hurt before a designs like these become a reality. What's another decade or more, right?

Via Fujitsu's Design Award 2011 Competition and DesignBoom

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