5 incriminating videos of animals stealing cameras

Video cameras have been getting getting smaller, cheaper, and more durable, making them more appetizing to consumers. These characteristics also seem to make them more appetizing to animals, and there's been a spate of burglaries over the last few years involving critters scarpering off with electronics. As expected, it's all been caught on tape.

The camera that seems most attractive to animals so far is the GoPro, although that might just be because the rugged and self-contained nature of the GoPro makes it especially useful for both trying to film animals close up, and for not getting shattered and/or ingested, keeping the footage safe and sound.

Here are five videos showing animals buggering off with video cameras that were later recovered:

1. Seagull

2. Manta Ray

3. Lion

4. Octopus

5. Reef Shark

Via Neatorama

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