46-photo timeline of Endeavour's last ever spacewalk

You know it, I know it: there's only one Space Shuttle launch left. Atlantis is scheduled to go up on July 8th, and after that, well, who knows. In the meantime, we've been soaking in galleries like the one you see below. Looking at the Endeavour crew performing their final round of spacewalks really pulls at the heartstrings. Just look at that shuttle: humanity made that thing, and it's in orbit. I'm sure centuries from now that'll be something to chuckle at as one looks out a spaceplane's window at a passing planet. (We can only hope.)

STS-134, Endeavour's final hurrah, lasted 11 days, 17 hours and some change. During the course of it, the six-person crew traveled over six and a half million orbital miles and performed four separate extravehicular activities (or EVAs). Below, contributed to DVICE by Keyla Wardriver, is a visual timeline of those spacewalks.

We miss the shuttle already.

Keyla Wardriver is the editor of Love These Pics. Think The Big Picture, but instead of news and political views, Keyla's collections are tranquil and awe-inspiring and just downright pretty. She's given us permission to republish her excellent collection, "46 Fabulous Photos of Endeavour's Last Ever Spacewalk," below in full. The careful captioning, crediting and image order are all Keyla's.

On a personal note, please spare a happy thought for Keyla, as at 19 years of age she is currently fighting against complications caused by her spina bifida. Her mother, Angel, who helps Keyla with the site, described Love These Pics to us as a "corner of cyberspace where people can relax and enjoy photos we love to share." So thank you both, Keyla and Angel, and we look forward to the photo collections you put together for us in the future.

See more DVICE galleries by clicking this link. You can also see a visual timeline of the Space Transportation System — the official name of the Space Shuttle program — right here.

Via Love These Pics

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