World's first 3D printed bikini is also the coolest

Just in time for summer we present you with the only thing any self-respecting geek girl will wear to the beach this year: the world's first fully 3D printed Bikini!

Developed by Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design graduate Mary Haung, and Jenna Fizel, a programmer and MIT alum, the N12 3D printed bikini represents one of the first ready-to-wear 3D printed garments that you can actually buy at a realistic price (tops are around $250, bottoms $350). Designed using Rhino 3D CAD software, the team developed a specific algorithm that uses a 'circle packing' equation to create distinct shapes that follow the contours of the bikini. The team, collectively known as Continuum Fashion, are selling their creation here, and you can learn more about the garment's development in the video below.

Via Inhabitat

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