10,000-piece Lego Sandcrawler features working crane and ramp

For what's essentially a big brick with treads, the Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars is pretty damn cool. Lego whiz "Marshal Banana" has faithfully recreated the boxy vehicle using 10,000 pieces over nine months of hard labor, and it's even fully remote controllable to boot — inside and out.

Marshal really decked this thing out, springing for lights and working treads. With his remote control he can move it forward and backward with full steering, raise and lower the front ramp, operate the craft's crane (revealed when the ramp lowers) and even turn on the interior conveyor belt.

Fun piece of trivia from the designer: "[Pictured above] is the 'ugly' side of the Sandcrawler. The original filming model was only finished on the right side. So I had some room for my own creativity."

You can see a video of Marshal's Sandcrawler in action by clicking this link.

Marshal Banana, The Brothers Brick, via OhGizmo!

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