Yobot the robotic bellhop will take care of your luggage

Schlepping your bags around town after you check out of a hotel is no fun, so most hotels have a concierge that can handle them. That's okay, but wouldn't it be way cooler if you could just hand them over to Yobot the robotic bellhop for safe keeping?

Yobot works at the new Yotel in New York's Times Square, and he'll take your bag and stick it in a specially designed luggage drawer. I was hoping he would be willing to really earn his keep by carrying your bags to the room, but apparently he just stays put by the big wall of suitcase drawers.

As you can see from the video, they auditioned a lot of classic robots for the job, before settling on Yobot.

The New York City Yotel will be opening next week, with rooms starting at a little over $200 depending on the season and room size. By New York City standards, that's actually really cheap.

Yotel, via CNET

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