Working Super-8 film projector made from Lego

We love Lego creations for one reason: the colored blocks enable you to build anything you can imagine. You know what we love even more about Lego creations? Working machines made out of them, like this Super-8 film projector made almost entirely out of Lego Technic pieces.

Created by Friedemann Wachsmuth, this working Lego Super-8 film projector is all plastic gears, clutches and axles. It uses two engines, can play compatible films at 24 frames per second and even has options to fast forward and rewind. Wachsmuth notes that the only parts not of Lego are the lens, lamp and reel spindles. Thanks to a super bright LED flashlight, projected video looks crisp.

Impressed yet? We're already blown away. Check out the video of the Lego Super-8 film doing its thing below., via OhGizmo!

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