Sawblade slingshot can slice through zombies with ease

How many ways can you kill a zombie? Shotguns, axes or machetes are obvious choices, but how about shooting deadly circular sawblades into its face? Mr. Slingshot a.k.a. Jörg Sprave returns with a wooden slingshot that'll stop any zombie dead in its tracks.

Topping his machete slingshot and hand-cranked gatling slingshot, Sprave's latest is a sawblade slingshot. As Sprave puts it, circular sawblades are "dangerous, dangerous things" that "itch him to try to shoot from a slingshot," but if there is anybody who can make a deadly wooden rubber band weapon, it's him. So how do you fling a blade accurately at a target?

It turns out, simply flinging it won't work. First, a dowel needs to be attached to the blade to keep it in the slingshot and for the two rubber bands to strap to. Second, rotational speed needs to be applied to it in order to keep the blade from flying all over the place.

Check out the video below for Sprave's latest and arguable greatest weapon. There's no way, you won't find the sawblade slingshot not awesome — no way.

YouTube, via The Awesomer

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