Wearable cat ears react to feelings by reading brainwaves

When a dog is deep in thought, it wags its tail uncontrollably. When a cat is deep in thought, its ears stand up attentively. Like a cat's ears, these furry cat ears move up and down depending on your feelings.

Created by the Japanese company Neurowear and presented at the Omotesando Hills "Smile Bazar," these "Necomimi" cat ears react directly to the wearer's brain waves via an EEG biosensor. When a person is concentrating on something really hard the furry cat ears stand up. When the person is relaxed, the cat ears flop down. If a person is relaxing while concentrating, the ears will wiggle actively.

The goal of the Necomimi is to allow emotions to be displayed even when a person isn't speaking their mind off. The most obvious use for this would be to display signs of affection without the awkwardness involved with telling someone you like them, but these cat ears, silly as the seem, can actually be used for medical benefits. For example, the mentally disabled could use these ears to communicate their feelings without facing misunderstood backlash. Children could use these ears to let parents know that they are ready tired and ready for a nap, etc.

Neurowear wants these ears to become an extension of your body. I'm not sure I'm down with that, but who knows, maybe as society becomes primarily a Facebook and Twitter mob hidden behind computers holed up at home, we might actually lose the ability to speak verbally with one another and the Necomimi will be a lifesaver. Who knows right?

Neurowear, via Japantrends and Fashionista

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