Volkswagen camper van tent lets you pretend to be a hippie

If you want to show off your hippie sympathies at your next rock festival, may I suggest this VW camper van tent, which kind of makes it look like you rolled up in the real thing, well, at least from about 100 yards away.

The cute camper tent is a full-sized 1:1 copy of the 1965 Volkswagen T1 van, with faithful details right down to the windshield wipers and the entrance right where the van's side doors would be. Just like the original it can sleep four comfortably, although the only way you can use it to explore the world, is if you roll it up and load it in the back of your BMW.

It comes in blue, yellow and red, but it won't be shipping until late August, just when the festivals are winding down after the summer. Bummer! At $483 the price is another pretty uncool feature, so you'd better get working on some tie dye t-shirts to sell if you want to be the coolest fake hippie at the campground.

Firebox, via Pocket Lint

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