Vieria concept car inhales air pollution and emits clean air

There are currently two problems with driving a car in a city: 1) all those cars generate a load of pollution and 2) it's hard to fit lots of cars on a street during rush hour. The Vieria concept car designed by Gunwoong Kim and Suji Kim for the Michelin Challenge Design competition solves both those issues with its front pollution-sucking intake and shiftable scissor-like wheel and axle system.

After ingesting all that dirty air, the all-electric Vieria even goes one further — it emits clean air out of its rear outtake, similar to the YeZ concept car. How's that for eco-friendly?

The Vieria works sort of like a water purifier. It takes in dirty and dusty air, runs it through a filter beneath its passenger capsule and returns clean, fresh, breathable air. Its wheel system can contract and expand slightly to fit narrower streets in cities and wider highway roads. As such, the Kims say the Vieria is perfect for working folk commuting from the suburbs into the city.

Like all things that sound too good to be true, the Vieria is but a conceptual dream — one the Kims would like to see unfold in 2021. Gosh, we hope the future looks like this because having collective purification would be so much more efficient than appointing a government agency or hiring a private company to clean our polluted air.

Michelin Challenge Design, via Inhabitat

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