Vending Machine delivers the freshest eggs for just a few coins

We try not to encourage the crazier myths about common Japanese technology, but sometimes reality trumps all and you just have to report what you find. The latest insanely unlikely device to crop up from the country is an Egg Vending Machine.

This one, found in Oita Prefecture in southern Japan, dispenses a bundle of fresh eggs for about $3 a pop. Although the vending machine is quite real--it's refrigerated and restocked daily--you shouldn't hop a plane to Tokyo looking for one of these, this is likely a rural area only curiosity far from the robots and concrete of the big cities. Somehow, thinking about what eggs really are (the unborn hopes and dreams of little chickies), this contraption reminds me of those human pod power plants from the big reveal scene in The Matrix...just saying.

Via Flickr

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