Trading cards get an upgrade: LCD and 2GB storage

Like the boring old picture frame and the greeting card, the trading card is getting an upgrade. Panini's new cards will sport a small screen for video playback and 2GB of USB flash storage. These are not the trading cards you remember from your childhood days.

Whether or not you think trading cards need a makeover, Panini's HRX (High Reel Xperience) cards are going all in to reinvent the collectable pieces of cardboard. For $20, you'll be able to buy a pack of five cards. Redeemable video card vouchers will be inserted into random packs, just as rare autographed and holographic cards are today. If you're lucky, you'll get the voucher to claim your video card, if you're not, well, that's $20 down the drain.

Each video card will come preloaded with footage from a sports player and has 2GB of internal storage for stashing your own files. Basically, HRX cards are like mini digital picture frames. Panini promises "HD quality" video, but given the size of the screen, we're not even expecting 720p video playback.

These look and sound cool, but like those greeting cards with the mini screens, they're kind of impractical. Do kids even collect trading cards anymore? Most kids I see these days are either glued to their DS or PSPs or playing Angry Birds on their iPod Touches.

Via Wired

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