Touchpad keyboard lets you customize your own layout

Most of us have at least one pet peeve about the keyboard we use, so this touchpad keyboard concept from Fujitsu lets you change just about anything to fit your exact requirements.

In addition to basic things like the physical position and color of the keys, you can set up several different layouts to match the task at hand. You could, for example, add a numeric keypad for when you're doing your taxes, and then reclaim that space when you're not. You can even change instantly between different language layouts, which having once spent five minutes looking for the @ symbol on a German keyboard, sounds like a brilliant idea.

The one thing you can't change, is the fact that this is a touchpad rather than a physical keyboard. Call me old fashioned, but to me that's a huge stumbling block.

The Keyless Lifebook concept has been entered for the 2011 Fujitsu Design Awards.
Via DesignBoom

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