Blow on this watch to see the time

Every once in a while a weird watch comes out that's practically impossible to read (i.e. Tokyo Flash watches), but Julien Moïse's Eole watch concept is just quirky enough it doesn't hinder the time-telling experience. See that turbine ring on the watch's head? When blown, the watch blinks to life.

There's something to be said about Julien Moïse's Eole watch. It's simple, thin and has just a touch of red color to make it pop. We could certainly see a watch like this in many modern art gift shops or minimalist Japanese design store MUJI.

We agree that it's a bit weird that you have to blow on your watch to see the time and it might be problematic in regions that have strong gusts, but we like it a lot. To check out a video of the watch's secret mechanism, be sure to visit Julien Moïse's website.

Julien Moïse, via Yanko Design

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