This Volkswagen hybrid is half tank and half hippy bus

Tank treads on skateboards and tank treads on wheelchairs? We've seen virtually every possible transport ever created, but this jarring Volkswagen bus tank is completely nuts — in a good way.

Half 1945 Studebaker Weasel Tank and half Volkswagen bus, this "new" jalopy is currently on sale at some Californian's lot for an unmentioned price. There's not a lot of info on the tank other than the fact that its tank half can generate 70-horsepower and the entire tread-modded VW can hit speeds of 35 miles per hour.

Volkswagen Bus Tank

At first sight, the tank actually kind of looks like a piece of junk with its rusted treads and splotchy camo-paint job, but ya know, we think with a little love, this old thing has the potential to become quite the shiny swan. It's kind of disappointing that this tank bus doesn't pack any gun turrets, but what other tank has a sliding door? We thought so. Yeah, we wouldn't plan a getaway with this thing, and it's probably not bulletproof either, but it sure looks sweet.

Want more views of this monster? Hit up Vehicle Liquidators to see some more small pics of the Volkswagen bus tank from other angles.

Vehicle Liquidators, via Jalopnik

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