This backpack can see through walls

What's in your backpack? Pens? Pencils? A laptop? Psh. Weak, dude. This backpack has portable radar system that can see through walls and send a live 3D map of the next room and everything (and everyone) in it straight to your smartphone.

Cambridge Consultant's Prism 200c is an ultra-wideband radar system that's specifically designed to be hidden in a backpack. The idea is that you can just lean casually against a wall, frontin' a 'tude that in no way says "I'm secretly scanning this entire building right now." To help keep things on the d/l, the backpack radar sends images directly to a laptop or smartphone, so you can just look like you're playing Angry Birds instead of conducting surveillance.

The system can see through wood, bricks, and even concrete. It's also capable of picking out individual people, and will display their locations and movements. The idea is that before law enforcement or the military busts someone's door down, they'll know exactly how many people are behind that door and where they are.

The Prism 200c will be officially unveiled next week, but it seems unlikely that it's something that will ever be available for the public to mess around with. Oh well, back to just peeking in windows I guess.

Cambridge Consultants, via OhGizmo

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