Laptops get even more portable by folding like a pamphlet

There's no doubt in my mind bendable displays will be the norm in the not too distant future. Remember Fujitsu's chubby little foldable laptop concept? Niels van Hoof is thinking along the same lines with his "Feno" folding laptop concept.

Borrowing a page from Apple's slick industrial designs, Hoof's Feno computer actually looks like something the fruity company could produce in 10-15 years. Chic-let styled keyboard? Check. Silver aluminum casing? Check. Sleek curves? Check.

Aside from the Feno's dominating flexible OLED screens, on one side you'll find a portable wireless mouse that pops out, what appears to be a USB port and a display output port. On the other end sits an optical disc drive. Strangely enough, Hoof still believes the optical disc drive will be relevant in the future, despite Apple's efforts to kill of discs with USB drives and its own iTunes and App Stores.

When will we see the Feno or a product similar in fashion produced? Hopefully in the next few years. We're just waiting on the costs of the flexible OLED screens to come down. Once that happens, we'll all be living in the real future — an uber light and slim one. I can't wait.

Niels van Hoof, via YankoDesign

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