'All-New Nook,' B&N's new cheap, no frills e-reader

Grandma doesn't want her reading cluttered up with apps or other complications and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. With that in mind, Barnes & Noble is now the second e-book company in two days to unveil a cheap, simple monochrome touchscreen e-reader.

The "All New Nook" (essentially an update of the first Nook) will be priced at $139, same as the non-ad supported Kindle 3. But B&N has carved 10 percent off the Kindle 3's height but maintained a 6-inch screen, and the company says its battery will last for two months, twice as long as the cell on the Kindle 3. B&N also say the All-New Nook will have 80 percent fewer page turn flashes. It'll hold 1,000 books but has a memory card slot in case your library grows beyond comprehension.

The All-New Nook (it's what they're calling it, seriously) will go on sale June 10, though it's available for pre-order now. But the All-New Nook is being beaten to the market by Kobo, which yesterday announced the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, which undercuts both Kindle and the Nook Touch at $129.99, while its first generation Kobo Wi-Fi drops to $99.99, $20 less than Amazon's ad-supported Kindle.

As for B&N's older Nooks: prices on the Wi-Fi-only and the 3G version will drop to $119 and $169, respectively, while supplies last.

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