Super-detailed airport model took $5 million and six years to build

Never flown into Knuffingen Airport in Hamburg, Germany? Me either, but I guarantee you you'll want to after watching this video of the world's largest miniature airport in action. This $5 million model doesn't just sit there looking pretty, its airplanes, trucks and cars move.

As part of the Miniatur Wunderland, this Knuffingen Airport model deserves the medallion for best plastic model playset ever. Whoever built this miniature airport deserves major props for shelling out the dough and six years of time to bring this thing to life. It takes a special kind of love to devote so much attention and detail to what is essentially a really nice toy set.

I'd love to describe this gorgeous little airport in detail, but I'm afraid watching the video will actually do it more justice. So click that play button, because this thing is kind of epic.

Miniatur Wunderland, via Mashable

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