A wind-powered pole with outlets for your gadgets

Your average street pole provides light and display's a crossing name. Called Savannius, this redesigned pole could keep itself charged and even juice up your gadgets, and it wouldn't have to be on just a street corner, either.

Hirotaka Matsui's concept charging station has a small vertical axis wind turbine that can generate enough energy to power three electrical outlets. While Matsui included a seating base to "create a social" space for gatherers and envisions the Savannius used in public spaces including parks and at bus stops, we think plugging in your laptop and sitting out in the sun to crank out that novel isn't going to be too comfortable for you or your eyes.

Granted, you'd have to carry around your electrical plugs in your bag (maybe Matsui can toss in a few USB ports), the Savannius would be pretty handy for when your gadgets run out of juice.

Imagine being able to charge your cellphone at a bus stop or while waiting for a friend to meet up with you at the beach. Now that would be useful, green and unobtrusive. Heck, maybe you'll even make a new friend at the charging pole. It's like a water hole, for gadgets — and for people.

Hirotaka Matsui, via Designbuzz

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