Sony's security woes continue as new exploit is found

When the PlayStation Network was taken offline last month, Sony said it would not restore the service until proper security measures were in place. Everything looked solid as PSN returned last weekend, until now. A new exploit has forced Sony to take down a few of its websites, leaving some PSN users unable to change their old passwords.

According to gaming blog Nyleveia, the exploit involves changing your PSN password through Sony's password reset page. The problem lies with the info that is used to confirm the password change, namely the PSN email address and a person's date of birth — info that the hackers who breached PSN already have. If the hackers have your info, then they can easily change your password before you do. Sony's since taken down its and websites for "maintenance."

While PSN is not down for PS3 and PSP owners, this new round of security issues does set Sony back again. What was Sony working on "around the clock" if they couldn't even spot such an easy exploit?

Nyleveia, via MCV

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