Sony working on PlayStation Move for PSP or NGP?

Sony's Wii Remote clone, the PlayStation Move is lots of fun for playing ping pong in Sports Champions, but is the company really toying with the idea of using motion control wands on the PlayStation Portable or upcoming NGP? A recently uncovered Sony patent seems to suggest it at least considered doing just that at one time.

Filed in November 2009 but not published until recently, the Sony patent points to a dock-like peripheral that has a built-in camera (presumably a PlayStation Eye) that attaches to a PSP Go. PlayStation Move controllers can then used in tandem with the docked PSP to enable motion controlled gaming.

But that patent is quite old. Since then, the PSP Go's been discontinued and the NGP's unveil has garnered a lot of interest from hardcore gamers. While Sony may have been working on including Move support at one point in time, it's highly unlikely that we'll be seeing such an implementation anymore.

It doesn't make any sense for Sony to enable Move motion controls on a device with such a puny screen. Move controllers require quite a bit of distance in order to operate properly. Even at three feet, gamers would have to squint really hard to see what was happening on the tiny device's screen. Let's also not forget that Sony's NGP itself has a gyroscope and an accelerometer inside already. It's easier to just tilt and turn the the NGP than hook up a separate dock to it.

Ah, but somebody was thinking about adding Move to the PSP. I wonder what nutso at Sony thought that would be a good idea. Maybe Ken Kutaragi, the "father of the PlayStation?" That guy did not kid when he told the press he wanted people to work hard to earn enough money to buy a beefed up PS3.

FreePatentsOnline, via VG247

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