Solar powered lounge chair charges your gadgets as you chill

Solar powered furniture is nothing new, but this crazy looking rocking lounge chair created by architecture students at MIT adds a couple of unique features.

Named the SOFT Rocker, the chair has a 35-watt solar panel that charges a built in battery, so you can still get juice from its built in USB ports after the sun goes down. You can even use the battery to light up the inside of the loop Tron style, adding some groovy atmosphere.

Thankfully the SOFT Rocker name doesn't mean it's equipped to play Air Supply and Dan Fogelberg songs, but refers instead to the kinetic energy capture system that uses your rocking motions to add more charge to the system.

This all looks fine and dandy, but I wonder how long these will last in the harsh Massachusetts weather? It looks like they actually built a few SOFT Rockers, so I guess time will tell.

Arts at MIT, via Born Rich

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