Sharp's insanely high-rez display makes your HDTV look fuzzy

If you want bragging rights for the highest def video display on the block, you can forget about that Mitsubishi 4K display we got excited about last year, because it's now been upstaged by a Sharp Super Hi-Vision display with an unbelievable 33MP of resolution.

That translates to 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, or about 16 times the detail of a so called "full HD" 1080p display. On the 85-inch prototype shown that works out to 103 pixels per inch, so you would need to have perfect vision and a seating distance of less than about four feet to have any chance of seeing the pixel structure.

The big question mark is where you might find material of similar resolution to show on your fancy new TV. A Blu-ray disc falls short of exploiting this display's potential by about the same amount as a VHS tape played on 1080p display. Sharp says that TVs with this type of technology won't be available until about 2020, so I guess there's time for the source material to catch up.

Sharp, via CrunchGear

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