Samsung and Acer's two new Chromebooks unveiled

Google announced their stripped-down Chrome OS a while ago, but just today they unveiled some new Chromebooks that are designed from the ground up to run the netbook OS. It talked about rental Chromebooks for students, but what about those for people who want to own their computers.

Sure, netbooks aren't exactly all the rage anymore, with tablets stealing their thunder for the most part. But the Chromebook, made by Samsung, looks pretty nice for those still interested in the form factor. Booting in a mere 8 seconds, featuring a 12.1-inch display and an eight-hour battery life, it'll set you back $429 or $499 for a 3G version

There's also an Acer Chromebook, confusingly enough. It's similar, with an 11.6-inch screen and a 6.5-hour battery life. it'll run your $349. Both Chromebooks will go on sale on June 15th.

What do you think? Are you already over netbooks, or do tablets have you yearning for a physical keyboard, no matter how small?

Via Gizmodo

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