Samsung shows an ultra high-rez retina style display for tablets

Apple made a big stink about its 326 pixel-per-inch 'retina display' when they introduced the iPhone 4, so it was a little disappointing when the much larger iPad display arrived with only a few additional pixels. Now Samsung looks to steal some of the Apple's thunder, with a stunning 300-ppi 10.1-inch tablet display.

With resolution pegging out at 2560 x 1600, the WQXGA display has more than five times the resolution of an iPad screen, yet Samsung claims that the power consumption is 40 percent lower than the smaller display in the current Galaxy Tab. The display uses the same PenTile technology we saw in the glorious looking Nexus One cellphone.

Samsung didn't say which tablet would be the first to carry this amazing sounding screen, but I have to think that a new Super Galaxy Tab can't be far off. Then again, perhaps they'll supply them to Apple for the iPad 3.

Samsung Press Release, via Gizmodo

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