Russian six-wheeler drives over people, doesn't squish them

In Russia, sometimes you need to go off-road. Sometimes you need to go on-water. And sometimes, you need to run over people without squishing them flat. The Trecol 39295 is one monstrous vehicle that can do all of these things.

The secret to the Trecol's off-road and on-human capabilities lies in its six massive wheels. Instead of being filled with high pressure air, they're actually filled (or is it emptied?) with only about a tenth of the ambient air pressure at sea level. What keeps the tires nice and plump is the the special rubber that they're made out of, and the ultra low pressure inside enables them to deform to pass over all kinds of surfaces and terrain and even people without leaving a scratch:

The tires also displace enough air to allow the vehicle to float, and if you need more speed on the water, you can just strap an outboard motor on the back. If I'm doing my conversions right, each one of these tires costs about $650, and the Trecol that you'll be mounting them on will set you back about $58,000.

Trecol, via Jalopnik

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